Tuesday, June 4, 2013

New Scenery.

Mother's Day came with the great blessing of talking to our Sister missionary.  We had the opportunity to use Google+ which is a video conversation.  She looked great and appeared very positive. Kelsie took turns video talking with everyone in the family including the Nieces, Nephews, and Grandparent. We are thankful for technology and our ability to see our daughter, sister, granddaughter, and aunt.  Everyone enjoyed there time as I am sure Sister Kelsie did as well. 

Lucky us,  Kelsie also e-mailed the next day sending her love.  She explained how much she enjoyed the video conversation and informed us that she will only have one more call before she returns home.  Kelsie loves California and made the comment, "I think I am going to have culture shock when  I get back to Utah... because there aren't as many Nationalities there."  This is ironic because numerous times Kelsie has been asked if she is oriental.  :) 

Sister Mason informed us on Mother's Day she was being transferred.  She didn't know a lot of the details at the time, but is now there and settled.  Kelsie was transferred right into San Jose.  She is loving this new transfer thus far and feels "needed".  She is training and is the "Queen Bee" (over 3 sister missionaries).  

This transfer has brought a lot of success and has many baptisms in the future. Sister Kelsie is located very close to the San Jose State University and teaches investigators in the institute building.  She is very excited about this new area and the potential it has. 

Sister K. Mason new address is:

315 E San Fernando St. apt #22
San Jose, CA

We love you Sister Mason