Wednesday, July 10, 2013

"A Sincere Desire"

Sister Kelsie Mason is doing great on her mission and is loving the work.  She writes,"Missionary work is something that I am never going to get sick of.  I will always want to be a missionary because there is so much joy in watching people find the hope and peace that comes from finding Christ.  I will never stop.  I will never change.  It will always be a sincere desire to me."

Kelsie received a new companion during this last transfer.  She is the only member in her family and has a very strong spirit about her.  She knows four different languages and is humble and full of love.  Kelsie has enjoyed training her and her companionship.

Kelsie recently had an interview with the Mission President.  He expressed to her how much he appreciated her work and asked her to help one of the branches 'get busy in the work'.  She states,"No pressure--right?"

Kelsie bears her testimony and states,"There is so much happiness in the gospel of Jesus Christ.  There is so much peace and hope if we just live the way that God has asked us to live.  The plan is perfect and we too can be perfect if we just follow Him."  She ends with this thought,"There is a difference between doing missionary work and being a missionary.  We as members of the church have been asked to be missionaries."

We are proud of Sister Mason and her service in the San Jose mission.